To dress up or play, no matter where your little one is going or what she is doing, she will look like an angel when she wears Arabella's "Build-A-Dress"! Clothing designed to help preserve the innocence and purity of childhood's early years. The softest fabrics, the most beautiful laces and the whimsy designs make our brand uniquely deferent!

Arabella's "Build-A-Dress"

"One dress, endless possibilities"! One basic silhouette that is perfection on its own, but that you can dress up or down by just changing gorgeous vintage inspired style accessories. That will give one dress many options for different occasions. The basic dress has a very generous silhouette that is flattering to all little bodies. The accessories are also very accommodating making them long lasting. All this in a very appropriate style to help preserve the innocence and purity of childhood!

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